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We have the newest most advanced way of producing Rubber Modified Asphalt that everyone can afford. The difference is GTR + TOR.

Laying Asphalt


According to the ASTM definition, asphalt rubber (AR) is "a blend of asphalt cement, reclaimed tire rubber, and certain additives in which the rubber component is at least 15 percent by weight of the total blend and has reacted in the hot asphalt cement sufficiently to cause swelling of the rubber particles." By definition, asphalt rubber is typically prepared using the "wet process." The asphalt rubber is produced at elevated temperatures under high agitation to promote the physical interaction of the asphalt binder and rubber constituents, and to keep the rubber particles suspended in the blend.

This is the way Rubber Asphalt has been produced for over 25 years. The end is a great product, but it is very costly to produce because of the expensive blending equipment it takes for this "wet process". The blending equipment can cost close to one million dollars. The product of the "wet process" is sticky, hard to place, and hard to handle. Plus, the modified oil has a very small window to use it.

We at RAS, have solved all the problems of the "wet process" and keep all the benefits of Rubber Asphalt.

  • Reduce Reflective Cracking
  • Reduces Rutting
  • Improve Skid Resistance
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Pavement Life
  • Reduce Road Noise


Rubber Asphalt Solutions, LLC can have your local asphalt plant ready to produce Rubber Asphalt in less than 8 hours. It is not a highly expensive process or very disruptive to your current setup.

With this ability we can assist any Asphalt contractor to offer the benefits of Rubber Asphalt to their customers, without a large increase in their pricing structure, anywhere in the United States

Rubber Asphalt Solutions can help you set specifications for your project, so you can get a high performance pavement. With the 30 years of Asphalt experience that Rubber Asphalt Solutions has, along with the desire we have to deliver a superior asphalt product, we can assist any contractor or consumer to achieve success in any asphalt project. Feel free to contact us for further information on what Rubber Asphalt Solutions can do for you.

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